Brian Mitchell and Blogs – Post 3

I have found assignment 6 very useful and after reading 7 things to know about blogs, I thought of some ways that blogs could be used by educators. I spend a lot of time visiting educational blogs through out the day. Most are maintained by teachers and are great tools for fellow peers. The educational blogs I visit come with great advice and tips about teaching and lots of freebies/printable’s ┬áto use in your classroom. A blog that I find very useful is Mrs. Riccas Kindergarten.

After this assignment, I plan on starting a blog for my classroom. It would be great if parents would follow me by checking the site everyday or by RSS feed. I can use it to keep parents informed on school projects and classroom activities. Edublogs has an article about using their web site for just an occasion. Click Here

One thought on “Brian Mitchell and Blogs – Post 3

  1. Hello Brian,
    I visited Mrs. Ricca’s blog and loved the craft freebies she had available. What a wonderful site! The article about improving parent communication is a good resource. I think starting a blog for your classroom will be a great tool for parents to use and they will appreciate it. I would love for my daughter’s teacher to do the same.

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